Experimental studies of a kinematic type seismic isolation system
Experimental studies of a kinematic type seismic isolation system

Experimental studies of a kinematic type seismic isolation system

DOI: 10.37153/2618-9283-2022-2-98-107


Лапин Владимир Алексеевич Vladimir A. Lapin

Ph.D.in Engineering Science, Director of the Center for Scientific Research of the Construction Industry, Corresponding Member of the NIA of Kazakhstan and IEA, KazRDICA JSC, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Boris N. Kim

General Director of "SSK PROJECT" LLP. Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan

Даугавет В.П. Daugavet V.
Sector Leader of the Engineering Seismometric Service , KazNIISA JSC, Republik of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Rubric:     Theoretical and experimental studies   
Key words: seismic isolation, oscillation period, load relief, oscillation decrement, results processing

The results of studies of the dynamic characteristics of a three-storey fragment of a frame building made according to the SBK-SCF system "Prefabricated frigless frame with seismic-insulating kinematic foundations" are presented. Magnetic dampers are used at the support level.The building fragment was tested by loading the system with a horizontal static load using a stationary winch with subsequent load relief. It is established that the value of the oscillation period varies within 1.8-2.1 seconds depending on the amplitude of the impact.

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