Oleg V. Korzhov
Oleg V. Korzhov

Oleg V. Korzhov
PhD of engineering, head of laboratory of the Metal Structures Department of TSNIISK named after V.A. Kucherenko of JSC RCC. Moscow, Russian Federation   


On the need for coordinated actions of designers, manufacturers and installers of structures when changing solutions during construction
Issue: #2-2022
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This article is intended to draw attention to the inadmissibility of delineating the areas of responsibility of designers, manufacturers and installers, since changing design decisions requires careful re-examination of the issues of installation, design, manufacture and calculation. This issue is most acute for buildings and structures with an increased level of responsibility. According to p. 10.5 GOST 27751-2015 "Reliability of building structures and foundations" for buildings and structures of KS-3, scientific and technical support of objects at all stages of building construction, starting from design and ending with monitoring during operation, should be provided.

This article discusses the precedent of making changes to the design documentation, which entailed

the destruction of structural elements. The bearing capacity of the mounting joints of the struts of the frames of the football arena covering was studied on full-scale samples of structural units. According to the test results, the causes of the destruction of part of the structures were established.