Konstantin E. Ignatov
Konstantin E. Ignatov

Konstantin E. Ignatov

Commercial Director of LLC "VASS". Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

e-mail: m89218491449@gmail.com


On the prospects of using seismic isolation in earthquake engineering in the territory of the Russian Federation
Issue: #5-2023
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Earthquakes cause huge damage to civil and industrial infrastructure construction facilities. Earthquake engineering continues to be extremely relevant, as it is not only able to prevent material losses, but also to save human lives. Currently, the basic principles of designing aseismic buildings and structures on the territory of the Russian Federation have been formed, presented in various regulatory documents and recommendations, the task of which is to reduce the seismic load by increasing the strength of structural elements, the use of high-strength materials, the choice of rational planning and design solutions, as well as other recommendations. Along with traditional approaches, special methods of seismic protection, which include seismic isolation, are becoming more widespread.