Tagiyeva Saida Abdulali
Tagiyeva Saida Abdulali

Тагиева С.А. Tagiyeva Saida Abdulali
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Department of «Exploitation and Reconstruction of Buildings and Constructions», Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, 
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan


Research of Stability and Seismic Resistance of Non-Uniform Two-Layer Rods in Elastic Medium
Issue: №2 2020
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Simulation considered after the main seismic impacts are removed from the structure, the two-layer rod, which is in an elastic environment, is subjected to periodic longitudinal forces. In the investigated work the Bubnov”s-Galerkin method was used, numerical calculations were made. The main area of dynamic instability is built and shown in the figure, where the dotted line marks the solution of a homogeneous problem.