About Dynamic Range of SMZ
About Dynamic Range of SMZ

About Dynamic Range of SMZ


Алешин Александр Степанович Aleshin A.S.
д-р физ.-мат. наук, зав. лаб. ИФЗ РАН

Rubric:     Seismic zoning   
Key words: seismic microzonation, seismic channel, dynamic range, seismic impacts, soil rigidity, soil coefficient, response spectrum, the dynamic factor, modeling, non-linear properties
In this paper, the system of seismic microzoning (SMZ) is considered from an information point of view in the form of a seismic channel, one of the most important characteristics of which is the concept of dynamic range. The question of the value of the dynamic range for each of the applied SMZ techniques is studied in detail. In addition to purely academic interest, the solution of this problem will allow to correctly assess the contribution of various factors (seismic stiffness, spectral features, nonlinearity, etc.) to the total value of seismic intensity and thus contribute to improving the efficiency of SMZ.

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