Anton D. Yakovlev
Anton D. Yakovlev

Яковлев Антон Дмитриевич Anton D. Yakovlev
postgraduate student, Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg state transport university, "Buildings" department. Russian Federation, St. Petersburg


Consideration of the vertical load from a tsunami on bridge structures
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A significant part of the territory of the Russian Federation is exposed to various natural disasters. One of the most destructive are tsunami waves. At the same time, for the development of these territories, there is a need for the development of transport infrastructure, which implies, among other things, the design of bridges. To ensure the reliability of bridges in the event of tsunami, it is necessary to fully take into account the possible impacts from these waves. In Russia, there is a document to determine the load from the tsunami. But, despite the existence of this document, the issue of taking into account the loads from the tsunami on various structures remains relevant. In particular, there are no clear guidelines for accounting for vertical loads from tsunami waves on bridge structures. With the help of the studies carried out on computer modelling of the wave roll-up on the bridge structure, this article proves the need to take into account the vertical loads from the tsunami, and also proposes a method for determining its numerical values. This study can complement the basic methodology for determining the loads from tsunami waves on bridge structures and help designers fully account for this dangerous natural disaster.